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Mattress layers

The top layer is the layer which will give you the support and comfort you need. This is all dependent on the firmness of your mattress and your individual sleeping habits. This can range from Memory foam, Air foam, Eco foam, polyester and latex.

The base of the mattress is the support of the mattress. This can differ from an Ecoflex foam base to open coil and pocket spring. This is the core of the mattress and is essential in providing support and durability as well as being firm.

The position in which you sleep in will relate to the firmness of the mattress you require.


Mattress firmness

Medium soft- ideal for those side sleepers who enjoy a mattress that they can sink in and be hugged by the mattress.

Medium- This is the most preferred choice for everyone, ideal for side sleepers but a mattress that is a solid buy for most people.

Medium-firm- a nice and firm support system that allows you to just a small amount of sinking. This mattress is great for those that enjoy sleeping on their back or their sides.

Firm- Those of greater depth are advised to use a firmer mattress as there is almost no sinking found at all. This mattress is ideal for those that like to sleep in any position, especially front sleepers. It is also claimed by many experts that this mattress is ideal for those suffering with back pain.


Top Layers

Memory Foam- allows you to sink into the mattress. Memory foam moulds and contours to the shape of your body.

Latex Gel- unrivalled comfort and support. This soft airy layer outperforms any layer there is.

Polyester- Provides a firm support


Base Layer

Pocket spring- Perfect Zonal support as individual pockets react to the pressures of weight distribution.

Spreads evenly to maximise comfort and reduce roll disturbance.

Open coil- open coil springs come in two variants. 12.5-gauge bonnell (Firm) 13.5-gauge (medium).

Each a choice for the individual, but both providing an exquisite support system.

Eco-flex- edge to edge support

Highly reduced roll disturbance

Able to roll up

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